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Aces and 8s

Carlton Wimmer - Lead Guitar
Carlton Wimmer - Lead Guitar
Keith Braddy - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Tom Rasnick - Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals
Wade Creamer - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Tommy Crews - Drums
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Lead Guitar

Carlton Wimmer


Carlton Wimmer is a long time resident in the world of Guitar Rock. Since the early eighties Carlton has been in several groups that featured Rock and Roll to Country Southern Rock. Carlton was the founding member of the band "Kings Ransom", that featured Tom Rasnick and Wade Creamer prior to the now "Aces and 8s". Prior to being named "Kings Ransom," the band also featured Keith Braddy on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals in the original line up of the soon be "Ransom".

Carltons` respect for the guitar has always been consistent and genuine. Time and hard work is paying off. The now "Aces and 8s" features Rock and Roll with no boundaries. The bands musical efforts feature music from both contemporary and main stream. "We`re playing Rock Music,some songs have positive messages,others are just good songs".

Musical Influence:
Van Halen
Third Day
Andy Timmons

Carlton`s Previous Bands(Give or Take one or Two)

Fair Warning
Kings Ransom


Carlton`s On stage Gear

Peavey Guitar

Peavey Wolfgang by Eddie Van Halen

Fender Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan Pickups in the bridge postion.

Onstage Amp

Peavey Half Stack with 5150 Head by Eddie Van Halen



Aces & 8`s


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